Thursday, March 21, 2013

food for thought

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Ever think about the movie eagle and how the computer can think like a human? Do you wonder how close we really are to this technology? Well we have made another step closer to this goal. Henry Markram and his team have been dumping data into a supercomputer the size of four vending machines. in this machine all the microchips are connected to each other simulating around 10,000 neurons just like the human brain. The project Blue Brain was awarded a grant of 1.3 billion dollars and given ten years to research and perfect this science. its gonna help considering the super computer costs 10 million.

 To me this technology it crazy. I'm an engineering student and know how hard programing can be i can only imagine the process for this computer. But its cool to think think that this technology could help us understand how the mind works. It also scares me to think what this information could be used for.  


  1. I agree that this is a crazy idea! To get anywhere close to a human mind by building a machine is just so awesome.

  2. this is pretty crazy. just the idea of an artificial brain blows my mind. storing biological information in a computer format is definitely groundbreaking.

  3. The movie Eagle was really good! Ya this would be so compicated, but I think this is to a point how the first computers started and someday it will probly be just how our personal computers are today, one day, crazy to think about.

  4. I think this fascinating and very scary, And I think one quote,"with great power comes great Responsibility" (Spiderman? maybe...) is a good quote for this idea. Just like in the movie, something could go dangerously wrong and the machine could turn on us, or (more probable) someone could use this machine for the wrong reasons. I am just scared that we are not ready for so much power yet, and people will use it for more bad things than good. Hopefully not though, and we can get good use out of it!