Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Exploration 8

Mobile television watching
     Recently ABC has been working on making an app that would allow users to live-stream T.V. shows instantly to a phone or tablet.  For suscribers only, users will now be able to watch their favoite ABC show on the go, live.  There are currently other apps where users can watch T.V. show on but they arn't as far along as ABC is.  This advance in technology is simply amazing if you think about it.  It is now possible to watch live T.V. without being near a a T.V. or a cable box at all!  This could bring many more dangers to our society though.  If people are already willing to text while driving, I wouldn't be surprised if those same people think it is safe to watch T.V. and drive.  I believe for us as a society to get further advanced with technology, we must also mature so the technology in turn won't ruin us. 

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  1. The new technology that continually floods the market always amazes me. I really would use this app that you are referring to. Also, I do believe that there will be people who misuse this technology once it develops.

  2. I have used some of these mobile watch apps. They really are incredible. I was watching the NCAA basketball tournament games. They really are pretty cool, they work a lot better than i thought they would. being able to watch tv on the go i feel will help people stay better informed.