Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Not-This-Pig Exploration

"The difference was this: the old AT&T had pledged to operate as a public trust, and was good as its word. The new AT&T had no such aspirations." p. 244

Like a few others, this line in chapter eighteen bothered me when I read it. What bothers me about this quote is that people (or companies) can change their ideas, opinions and attitudes because they become corrupt from this world. As I read this quote I started feeling upset and annoyed that people's word can be altered so effortlessly. What kind of company changes what they stand for? This is not a company I would like to support nor does it deserve the support. What is more important than gaining the control and money is being just and having integrity. There are far too many companies allowing the "excitements" of this world to corrupt them.

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