Sunday, March 3, 2013


"YOU only have one life," Schumpeter said; "you might z as well make it a great one." page 207
one invention leads to another when cable was made turner soon makes television and he wanted a major network station like ABC,CBS,or NBC.  By needing massive ways of sending information turner turned to AT&T's long distance network as a weapon against radio to do it. What turner created was technically not so so much a network as a "superstation," but a station available around the country with help of the satellite for AT&TS. Thus having the company dependant on another. Small cable companies were charging turner to have his channel just like AT&T to use there long distance technology. cable not being what it visionary backers had sounds to me like there wasn't enough of promoting a common interest at first. Indeed, the television writer observes, "cable networks and TV shows were designed not only for to appeal to those in a targeted demographic group but also to send clear signals to unwanted eyes that certain media products weren't meant for them." The federal communications commission was to bring the country together even if it meant unwanted things, I am guessing commercials. The vision of cable and internet haven't so much splintered a heretofore (means before now) united America. which struck me because I didn't see it that way before. Striking me also was when I found a reference back to a  quote I read earlier about Turner being compared to a mogul on page 215.  For as we have seen, the mogul makes the medium: the imprint of the personality inevitably informs it, often no less than the technology underlying it page 209.
I think the writing was at it best at the last paragraph on page 215 to the end of the chapter on page216.

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